Rebecca Schmidt,
Body Integration Therapist

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Listen to your body. Can't hear it? Let Rebecca Schmidt show you how. Rebecca offers several services, facilitating everything from intense, meditative relaxation to gentle restoration of physical strength and health. There's magic in her hands, scientific know-how in her brain and a compassionate, intuitive soul that knows just how to improve your stress and increase your strength.

Rebecca Schmidt has worked in the health and wellness industry for 10 years. A licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer, she practices Advanced Swedish and Cranio Sacral Therapy in addition to Personal Training. Her journey with her own personal health challenges has given her tremendous sensitivity to the needs of others who seek restorative health in a compassionate, nurturing environment.

She received her bachelor of science from La Salle University, has trained at Memorial Hermann Hospital, and continually works in Office Management in the wellness industry.


You're busy. You make things Happen. You Like it that way. But your body pays the price, holding know of stress and discomfort. To keep moving at the pace that makes everything in your life pop, you need to take time out: time to Pause.  Rebecca's massage techniques can give your body the respite and relief it deserves.  In her more traditional approach, she skillfully identifies knots of pain and, using Advanced Swedish Techniques, works deep into tight muscles to untie and release the stress of demanding days and relieve your body of the discomfort and relieve your body of the discomfort of the daily grind. And in another surprisingly light approach to massage, Rebecca can send you into that heavenly Neptunian state between waking and deep sleep. Like a power nap, in a hammock by the ocean times 10, Rebecca's nurturing Cranio Sacral holding techniques can trigger an almost immediate meditative state of relaxation that can have the brain floating on theta waves. Whichever approach you choose, you'll emerge from your Pause  in your day relieved from stress, rejuvenated, renewed. Ready.


You know that inside you is a healthier body just waiting for you to Reset it into motion. But the gym is daunting, the routines baffling, and physical training seems so, well, intimidating. Let Rebecca help you Reset. Whether you struggle with chronic pain,, injuries or simply deconditioning over time, she can provide an empowering, customized program that ameliorates pain, builds muscle and bones strength, improves chronic health conditions, and perhaps more importantly, increases self esteem and self-confidence. Her approach is ideal for people searching for a new relationship with their bodies and with life. Her unassuming, non-intimidating style helps enhance your body consciousness while avoiding self consciousness. Spunky, empathetic, and nonjudgmental, she puts people who've never considered working with a personal trainer at ease and in control of their own path to physical health.


Rebecca is an intuitive, compassionate and FUN trainer!  I have been seeing her twice a week for six months and we have barely begun to scratch the surface of all the different exercises she knows. She also has vast knowledge of the human anatomy and is able to seamlessly adapt a workout to account for injuries.  She has helped me gain strength and confidence and my clothes fit so much better.  I also love that I actually look forward to working out because I leave feeling so energized and entertained.  In a nutshell, Rebecca rocks!

~ Sonia Q